Amsterdam Houseboats - Guesthouses - Pensions - Apartments Maps

sampleTo have a better overview on what is where in Amsterdam we have divided the maps in different groups. The Houseboat maps will be on a shared group called the accommodation maps.
The Accomodation maps provide you with the locations of the houseboats, guesthouses, pensions and apartments which you can book from this site.

The hostels, hotels and bed&breakfast have their own maps.

On this map you will find the locations of Houseboats - Guesthouses - Pensions and Apartments. Besides the above listed on the accommodation maps of Amsterdam you will find icons of places to eat, shop and drink, where to go to see live music , nightclubs and bars, the locations of markets, movies and theatres. and all near to the hostel you choose.
to start just choose a houseboat on the left menu.

On the maps you can click on the icons to go to the pages which are linked to that icon.

Icons used on the accommodation map of Amsterdam.

Extra information

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