Map of the Amsterdam Hotels

Amsterdam Hotel Street maps, find the location of your hotel by clicking on the Amsterdam Hotel Map above or follow on of the links in the left menu to see a detailed information map about one of the Amsterdam Hotels. Navigate through Amsterdam using the Hostels Amsterdam location Maps.

Getting to your hotel.

Arriving at Schiphol Airport

Taking a taxi, the expensive but comfortable option.

You can take a taxi from the airport to your destination in Amsterdam. It is a quick option but beware a taxi does not come cheap. An average price for taking a taxi from or to Schiphol costs around 40 euro's.

If you take a taxi make sure to take a legal one and don't take a taxi from someone that runs over to you to offer you a ride. With a legal taxi, although relatively expensive, you don't get (really) ripped off. (Legal cabs are to be found on the designated cab areas, they stand in line so you can't miss them.)

Central Station AmsterdamThe far more cheaper option to go to Amsterdam when you arrive on Schiphol is to take the train into Amsterdam. When you arrive in Amsterdam from the Schiphol airport by train, you can pick a tram or bus at the Amsterdam Central Station.

The train fare from the airport is around 3 euros and the bus or tram is around 2 euros to your destination. You can buy your ticket at the station together with a strippenkaart which you can use on the tram or bus in Amsterdam. Beware of pickpockets at the station, like any big city, Amsterdam is not free of them. On most of the hotel pages here on Hostels Amsterdam here tram or bus routes to the hotel.


If you are alone or with the two of you( max. 3 persons)and you do not have a heap load of backpacks or luggage with you, just try to catch a Tuktuk ( Tuktuks are fairly new to Amsterdam ) The price of a Tuk Tuk is 3,50 Euro a person.

You can stop a Tuk Tuk on the street or dial 0900 - 99 333 99 (0,55 euro) And the Tuk Tuk will bring you to the place of your destination in Amsterdam.

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