Coffee Shop street maps Amsterdam

-Want to know where to find a tourist friendly coffee shop in Amsterdam?
You will find them on the
Amsterdam Coffeeshop street maps.

There are literally hundreds of coffee shops in Amsterdam so just because we have not featured them all on Hostels Amsterdam doesn't mean you should patronize them exclusively. Do a bit of exploring and see what you find - you might be surprised.

In the mean time we try to explore them ourselves and add regularly new coffee shops.

Some advice:
avoid the commercial touristy shops. Of course they seem like crazy shit since you have never been in a shop before, but they are likely to rip you off. They offer you stressed up stuff for stupidly high prices. Nobody wants a sandpaper throat after a smoke!

Have you been in a coffee shop and want to recommend us to put it on the map? Just go to our forum on coffee shops and leave us a message or write a review .

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Extra information
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