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What's on this Part of the Amsterdam Map
Beagle House Boat
he Beagle is an old two storey houseboat located about 3 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station. As a small hostel, with just one guestroom, it offers...
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Passenger Ship Maria Alberta
The Maria Alberta is situated in the centre of Amsterdam. Docked at the Oosterdok in the 'Nautisch Kwartier' (Nautical Quarter), it is only a few minutes walk from the Central Station. From its location, many attractions of the city centre, such as the canals...
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The Red Light District
Windows with hookers and tulips behind it, pimps wearing clogs and drug dealers riding bikes? The Dutch Red Light District is known all over the world...
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Amstelkring Museum Amsterdam
Our Lord in the Attic is one of the oldest and most remarkable museums in Amsterdam. Behind the characteristic facade of the house by the canal lies a largely original 17th-century home and a complete hidden church. This hidden church 'in the attic' was built during the Reformation, when Catholics were forbidden to hold public services. Today, the church and the house form the backdrop to a succession of striking exhibitions highlighting religion and contemporary art.

Erotic Museum
he Erotic Museum Amsterdam covers 5 floors of hardcore erotic art and images images and appliances accounting for just about every taste you can find around this world....
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Sex Museum Amsterdam
The world's first and oldest sex museum is located in Amsterdam and it's called the "Venustempel". The Sex Museum Amsterdam is the leading museum on....
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Food & Drink
You can find quick wok dishes at the snackbar, and for a more substantial meal you can dine at the Bird restaurant. Perfect if you love Tom Yam soups, green and red curries or...
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Getto is well kept secret in Amsterdam. It’s a restaurant and bar with dj’s and special nights.
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Nam Kee
This Chinese restaurant has gained a great reputation for quality food. Especially the Zeedijk location is well-known...
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Coffee Shops
This coffeeshop is known for it's good service and relaxed atmosphere. A lot of care is put in the sale of different products, which must live up to everyone's expectations. BABA is a meeting point for visitors from...
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Shops& Markets
At the Zeedijk there is a small coffee bar called, Latei. Best chocolate pie in town, and the whole place is full of second hand stuff. ...
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Music & Dance
Getto dance
The getto bar with dj’s and special nights. Attracting a trendy and open minded crowd, Getto welcomes gay, lesbian, bi and straight people. ...
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