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Amsterdam Houseboats

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Housebaot MuseumBe adventurous and book a Houseboat in Amsterdam.

In the 17th century Amsterdam was the most powerful bushiness city in the world.
It was the Golden Age for Holland and because of the prosperity many people moved to Amsterdam.The city was growing and in the course of the 17th century the crescent shape of the Amsterdam city center developed to the city as we now know it with its unique ring of canals.
The city has more channels then Venice and its no wonder that its called the Venice of the North.

A spider web of canals and waterways divides the inner city of Amsterdam in approximately 90 islands which are connected by about 400 stone bridges and surrounded by some 100 kilometers of canals . This provides for a lot of space for house boats.

Living on the water got its charm and gives a feeling of freedom but it wasn't the main reason why people lived on house boats.

In the fifties of the last century more and more people started to live on houseboats because of the shortage of affordable housing in those days.

The inner waters of Amsterdam are nowadays inhabited by some 2400 houseboats. Of those 2400, about 750 are moored within the 17th century canal system of downtown Amsterdam.

Did you know that each year between 6.000 to 10.000 bicycles are being pulled out of the canals?

if you are not able to book a houseboat you can always pay a visit to the houseboat museum

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