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Coffee shops in AmsterdamTAKE A PICK

Having said that, there are something like
280 coffee shops in Amsterdam, so just
because I have not featured them all on this page doesn’t mean you should patronize them exclusively. Do a bit of exploring and see what you find - you might be surprised.

If you’re in for a full Dutch smoker experience, then try to avoid the chain coffee shops in the city.

Places like these can be overpriced and the quality of the weed is said to be less. The bottom line is that coffee shops, the best ones anyway, are ‘gezellig’ little places that offer something different. All the official coffee shops have a green and white sticker in their window, announcing that they are coffee shops, if they don’t have this sticker you probably can’t buy weed there.

Even if you’re used to smoking cannabis, still be careful on your first time out to a coffee shop. The weed here is probably stronger than anything you’re used to and will knock you right on your ass if you’re not careful. If you should start to feel sick or just not quite right, drink some sugar water (or drink some coke, that contains a lot of sugar too) to get you (or your friend) back on your (his/her) feet. Smoking in the streets, while not officially permitted, is tolerated as long as you show courtesy to others, meaning you shouldn’t smoke around little kids or the elderly.

Don’t be ripped off! Most places are very meticulous in weighing out their goods and you don’t have to worry. However some of the touristy places will sell pre-rolled spliffs that maybe aren’t quite what they should be. The Dutch roll their joints with tobacco and the
amount of tobacco in these pre-rolled spliffs might be more than you bargained for.
Most places that offer prerolls offer pure joints as well, just ask.

Marijuana is generally sold in grams, from two on up. (between 6 and 8 euro’s) The one exception to this rule seems to be The Grey Area, started by two American ex-pats. They sell the typical American Dime and quarter bags here and they have a wide selection of bongs. My advice though, if you’re not used to them go Dutch and stick with the spliffs.

Prices of weed vary depending on the quality and the place where you buy it. The same rules apply to hash. In some shops you can buy space cakes as well, though they’re becoming rarer these days. The effect of these potent treats can take a while to kick in so give it time before you dive in for a second one. Besides, the effect will last so much longer, hours and hours sometimes.

Again and again I can’t stress enough; look for deals. Coffee shops Picasso for instance
offers a free breakfast when you purchase a certain amount, the Noon, around Leidsesquare, has its weekend specials and most of the coffee shops in the Red Light District and around the Central Station offer all kinds of deals.

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